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Coach Testimonials
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Central Point for Communication
Athleon is our central point for all communication. We used to experience problems with group emails to some players and staff going 'missing' but since we channel all communications through Athleon there is now a permanent record that our team can access. We tried creating our own website but just couldn't create a vehicle to meet our needs, now Athleon has done all the hard work for us.
--Coach Patterson, England National Lacrosse Team

Saves Hours & Hours of Time
This website saves me hours upon hours of copying and distributing plays on paper, and those paper plays don't move like they do on Athleon! Thanks Athleon for helping us become a more prepared team.
--Coach Pascale, Monson High School Girls' Basketball

More Time Coaching, Less Time Reviewing
I think your site is the best thing since email was created. Since the use of Athleon throughout my football program, I have been able to spend more time coaching instead of reviewing. The playbook feature is probably the most useful tool I have used in a long time, the players are able to review everything before actually practicing it themselves, maximizing our use of practice time.
--Coach Dias, Millennium High School Football